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Pet Screening

We welcome pets to most of our properties! However, pets have the potential to cause huge amounts of property damage and significantly increase liability for the property owner. Therefore, the privilege of housing a pet at one of our properties comes with extra responsibilities and obligations.

These terms are largely based on the comfort level of the property owner and the restrictions they decide for a pet to be considered.

At Foundation First Property Group, we ask that all dogs go through our professional 3rd party screening process with Petscreening.com. This screening is part of our approval process and any application received with pets being considered must complete this once an offer is made. Failure to comply may result in the denial of your application.

We are unable to rent to breeds that are commonly labeled as "aggressive" by the insurance companies. Pets that are allowed in our rental homes may vary in size and quantity. Please refer to the rental advertisement for details on size restrictions and the number of pets allowed.

We accept service/emotional support animals with proper documentation. All Service/Emotional support animals must register through Petscreening.com.

The overall strength of your qualifications weighs heavily on the consideration to approve your pet, as does the age, weight and breed of the pet.