About Us

Managing rental properties can become a challenge as situations present themselves at the most inopportune times. Landlords and property managers must be up to date on current state and local landlord/tenant laws, local building codes and various fluctuations in the rental market.

Many property owners and investors, alike, lead busy lives and are unable to stay abreast of the rental market or manage the day to day activity of their rental units. Knowing the markets we invest in and monitoring our investment properties on a daily basis is how we maintain the value of our properties and protect the integrity of our investments.

Established in 2008, Foundation First Property Group is a family-owned business serving the York and Adams Counties. We welcome you to our family. We look forward to working together with you to maximize your assets and grow your investment portfolio.

With many years in the industry, we have worked diligently in growing our own investment portfolio consisting of buying and selling of real estate, purchasing and managing rental units. In addition, we have done our own repairs and renovations to many of our rental properties.

Whether it is managing all aspects of your property or simply placing a qualified tenant, our staff will work above and beyond to meet the needs of your property and your budget. With any level of service, we will offer the same quality customer satisfaction that we would expect from a property management company.

Meet the Team

Jeff Wright, RMP® » Property Manager/Broker
Picture of Jeff Wright
Jeff Wright, began his career in property management with the purchase of his first investment property in 2008. Early on in his career, Jeff took a sales positions with a local lumber company and then with a local builder. It was in these roles that he grew his knowledge in building construction and sales. As his investment portfolio grew, it began to require more time and education. In 2013, Jeff earned his real estate license and then his broker’s license in 2017. Jeff is an active member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). During his time as the 2020-2021 President of the Pennsylvania State Chapter of NARPM, Jeff earned his RMP® designation (Residential Management Professional) and was honored to receive the 2021 Volunteer of the Year award at the 2021 NARPM Convention in Kansas City. Following his role as Chapter President, Jeff will serve as Regional Vice President Ambassador to the NARPM Mid-Atlantic region for 2022 and 2023. Being a local property owner and investor, Jeff works to stay abreast of the state and local landlord / tenant laws by furthering his education and being an active member of the community. Jeff currently lives in the Hanover area with his wife and daughter.
Phone Ext. #102 jeff@FoundationFirstPG.com
Wendy Wright » Project Coordinator / Administrative
Picture of Wendy Wright
Wendy and husband, Jeff, purchased their first investment property in 2008. It was a fixer-upper and it was Wendy’s vision to renovate their properties with the same quality and standard they have for their own home. Since 2008, Wendy has been actively renovating investment properties and re-sales, while also completing jobs for private owners. While at work, Wendy fascilitates the maintenance for vacancy turnovers, insurance claims and rehab projects. Her attention to detail shows in the work that she does and the work she expects from her team of vendors. Along with her maintenance duties, Wendy is also overseeing the bookkeeping, marketing and administrative duties in the office. Wendy resides with her husband and daughter and enjoys staying busy around her house and in her garden.
Lisa Stahler » Tenant and Owner Services / Administrative
Picture of Lisa Stahler
Lisa joined our company in 2019 and brought a whole new dimension to our administrative team. Lisa comes to us with many years of experience working in various administrative roles, such as, human resources, staffing, insurance, property management and bookkeeping. Lisa is the point of contact for tenant and owner relations. We rely on Lisa to maintain accurate database records while providing exceptional customer service to our tenants and owners. Lisa’s aggressive approach to collecting unpaid rents and enforcing lease compliance, encourages rents to be paid in full and on time. Her administrative duties include; rent collection, insurance compliance, owner/tenant onboarding, lease preparation, security deposit disposition and database management.
Phone Ext. #104 Lisa@FoundationFirstPG.com
Mike Kempa » Maintenance Coordinator
Picture of Mike Kempa
Mike joined our company in 2020 and brought to the position many years of maintenance knowledge and fieldwork experience. Mike is the point of contact for all things maintenance and will oversee and facilitate all maintenance requests and special projects. Mike works with residents, owners and vendors to ensure work orders are completed successfully and in a timely fashion according to our company standard. Maintenance is among the top contributors to resident dissatisfaction and high vacancy rates. Our maintenance team at Foundation First is committed to providing a superior level of service that will encourage renter retention and promote a positive rental experience for both resident and owner.
Phone Ext. #103 Mike@FoundationFirstPG.com